How To Use Google Pixel Magic Eraser on Any iPhone

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In the steadily developing universe of innovation the contention between cell phone monsters frequently brings about elite elements for every stage. Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser is one such component that has accumulated consideration for its great capacity to eliminate undesirable articles from photographs. In any case imagine a scenario in which you’re an iPhone client and need to encounter the magic of Pixel’s Enchanted Eraser. Dread not! We’ll show you how to use Google Pixel Magic Eraser on any iPhone step by step in this guide.

What is the Google Pixel Enchantment Eraser?

Google Pixel Magic Eraser is a part introduced in the Google Pixel series of PDAs. It will likely eliminate undesirable items or components from pictures by applying advanced man-made reasoning-based calculations.

  • Step 1:Install the Google Photos App on Your iPhone In order to use the Magic Eraser feature you will need to install the Google Photos app. Go to the Application Store and quest for “Google Photographs”. At the point when you find the application, download and introduce it on your cell phone.
  • Step 2:Sign in or Make a Google Record Open the Google Photographs application and sign in with your Google account certifications. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have one you might make one while making the game plans. It’s memorable critical that a Google account is expected to utilize Google Photos.
  • Step 3:Make sure that the Backup and Sync option is turned on in Google Photos if you want to use the Magic Eraser feature. To enable this function go to the app settings locate “Backup & sync” and toggle the switch there. This guarantees that your photographs are reared up to your Google account.
  • Step 4:Now that your Google Photos app is set up you can either take a new picture with your iPhone’s camera or choose a picture from your device’s gallery. The Magic Eraser component can be applied to both new and existing pictures.
  • Step 5:Access Altering Devices Whenever you’ve picked a photograph tap on the altering symbol typically addressed by a pencil or comparative image to get to the altering instruments inside Google Photographs.
  • Step 6:Open Google Pixel Wizardry Eraser Inside the altering apparatuses, search for the “Markup” or “Alter” choice and tap on it. Here, you’ll find different altering apparatuses, including the Magic Eraser acquired from Google Pixel. Select the Enchanted Eraser instrument.
  • Step 7:Remove Unwanted Objects Highlight the unwanted object or area in your photo with the Magic Eraser tool. Similar to how it operates on a Google Pixel device the tool will analyze the content and attempt to remove the selected portion seamlessly.
  • Step 8:Tweak and Save Survey the altered photograph and calibrate the outcome if vital. Change the deletion on a case by case basis to accomplish the ideal result. Once fulfilled save the altered photograph to your gadget or offer it straightforwardly from the Google Photographs application.


The following is a comprehensive overview of three well-known photo editing apps that provide tools for removing unwanted elements or flaws from photos


Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Overview:Adobe Photoshop Express is a strong yet easy to use photograph altering application that carries the prestigious Adobe altering instruments to your cell phone.
  • Object Evacuation Apparatus:The application includes a “Recuperating” instrument what capabilities as a strong spot mending brush. This device permits you to eliminate undesirable items or flaws flawlessly by mixing the encompassing pixels.
  • Usage:Subsequent to opening your photograph in the application explore to the “Mending” apparatus. Utilize your finger to choose the article you need to eliminate and Photoshop Express will keenly supplant it with neighboring surfaces delivering a perfect and normal looking outcome.
  • Extra Elements:Other editing tools, such as the ability to add text or borders to photos exposure and color adjustments and filters are available in Adobe Photoshop Express.



  • Overview:Created by Google Snapseed is a thorough photograph altering application with an easy to understand interface and a wide cluster of altering devices.
  • Tool for Removing Objects:Snapseed gives a “Mending” device like Adobe Photoshop Express. This instrument empowers you to eliminate undesirable items by choosing them,


and the application will naturally supplant the chose region with encompassing subtleties for a consistent outcome.

  • Usage:Open your photograph in Snapseed select the “Mending” apparatus and brush over the item you need to eliminate. Change the size of the brush and tweak the outcomes for exact altering. Snapseed likewise upholds non-disastrous altering permitting you to return changes if necessary.
  • Extra Elements:Snapseed gives your photos a professional look with a variety of filters color correction tools and creative enhancements.


  • Overview:TouchRetouch is a particular application planned explicitly for eliminating undesirable components from photographs easily.
  • Object Evacuation Device:The “Quick Repair” tool in this app makes it simple to get rid of unwanted objects. It likewise gives a “Line Expulsion” instrument for more exact alters permitting you to follow along the article you need to kill.
  • Usage:Select the “Speedy Fix” apparatus brush over the item and let TouchRetouch keenly fill in the eliminated region. For additional intricate items the “Line Evacuation” apparatus gives extra control and accuracy.
  • Extra Highlights:Notwithstanding object evacuation TouchRetouch incorporates instruments for clone stepping, changing splendor and upgrading by and large picture quality.



You can now experience the remarkable Magic Eraser feature from Google Pixel on your iPhone with this step-by-step guide. While it may not be a local iPhone device the Google Photographs application carries this great altering capacity to iOS clients exhibiting the cross-stage flexibility of current cell phone applications. Presently release the wizardry and change your photographs easily with the Google Pixel Enchantment Eraser!

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