Best Free Photo Editors with Eraser Features

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Gone are the times when erasing unwanted objects from your image was a difficult task. But thanks to new advancements in the digital era, developers have designed applications that use AI to erase objects from your Android and iPhone images.

This means you can now take a photo and share it on your favorite social media platform without worrying anything about random people photo-bombing your image or any imperfection.

In this blog, we’ll share here best free photo eraser apps that can erase unwanted objects from your images in a matter of seconds without needing any retouch.

Best Free Photo Editors with Eraser Features You Can Try in 2024


Apple and Android users easily download this app, which includes 4 advanced editing features and easier tools that instantly cut objects from images – Line removal, object removal, removal and mesh detection, and pixel-to-pixel cloning.


However, though the TouchRetouch application is free to download, you’ve some limitations unless you buy a paid version for pay for every photo edit.

To erase objects, upload your image and pick what sort of erasing you need. Whether you want to erase mesh, watermarks, blemishes, or power lines, this app provides simple features in a clean interface.


Adobe Photoshop Express

This limited version of Adobe Photoshop has been created specifically for persons who need to edit on the move. However, it still provides several of the features of the desktop tool. When it comes to erasers, you’ve 2 options. While the healing feature was made for covering up pimples and blemishes, it can erase any small object.

For bigger objects, it provides the touchup tool. This is a clone stamp program with one more name. Using this, you can cover up even quite bigger things, however, you’ll have to dedicate some time if you want the outcome to look polished. Further, Photoshop Express provides stunning features on Smartphones, but you need a certain level of skills to use it.



Created by Google, the Snapseed app is a free-to-use, all-in-1, professional, and comprehensive photo editor. Among the features tools, the healing feature will help you erase unwanted objects and persons from your images.

To erase objects with the app, choose the healing tool and draw a line over the unwanted object. It’ll automatically erase objects using AI features. Snapseed app mightn’t be as precise and advanced as other apps on the list, but it is more than enough for instantly deleting small things, and the best part it is free without any purchase or hidden charges.


Photo Eraser

This app is an intuitive and beginner-friendly application that uses AI to erase blemishes and objects. The extremely user-friendly interface of the app is the best among others on the list, but sometimes you might feel a bit lag while using it, still, it provides a speedy solution in the palm of your hand.

Erasing objects with the app is as simple as choosing the free hand tool or lasso and painting the unwanted object. Photo Eraser features a lines detection tool to erase wires and power lines for images outdoors.



Picsart is a video editor and avatar-making application to erase unwanted objects from images.  Besides, its AI features including one to erase objects from images, it also provides a suite of other editing features for users who need one-stop solutions for image editing requirements.

To erase objects from images, just use your finger to brush over the object and permit the application to run its AI power to erase them for you.


YouCam Perfect

This app is your best option for editing your Selfie images. YouCam Perfect editing features face retouching, beauty filters, and object erasing. Its erasing object features use AI-powered to erase objects and remove backgrounds within seconds, cut out objects, and fill them with clean backgrounds.

YouCam Perfect app permits users to preview the actual version of the image to compare the before and after results, which comes extremely handy to ensure a perfect edit.

Pixelmator Photo

If you just need to erase objects, picking up the Pixelmator Photo app might be the right choice. Only for Apple devices, this application is one of the most powerful picture editors ever seen on mobile phones.

Putting aside a bunch of color adjustments and film preset options, this app permits you to tackle unwanted things using the repair tool. This feature works like a healing tool, and in-painting looks quite great.



Powered by AI features, Pixelcut is a streamlined editor app that makes object erasing both fast and easy. Rated top at both Google Play and App Store, the application has a magic eraser that allows you to choose and erase unwanted objects within seconds.

The algorithms of the app do a wonderful work of filling the area naturally, and the full procedure takes seconds. Further, the app allows you to remove the background with a tap of a finger. The Pixelcut handles the procedure automatically, leaving you with clean cutout features.

You can then save the result with a clean white background, pick a different color, or change the background with any image. You’ve a gigantic library of stock photos to pick from also.



This is a useful object removal application for people who are not satisfied with the quality of their images. You can use it to erase people from the images. You can use it to remove objects without any charge.

Being one of the best editing applications, it allows you to erase distracting objects from your images in seconds. With it, you can instantly enhance your images using basic tools. RemoveUnwantedObject has an intuitive feature and quick performance.


Final words…

There’s nothing cooler in enhancing the image than erasing unwanted elements cleanly and easily. Whether you need to remove humans from travel images, street signs, or other elements from your landscape images or blemishes from portraits the above applications to erase objects from your image work well and can provide you stunning outcomes. Choose the best photo editor with eraser features for your needs and your images will stand out quickly.

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